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Researchers Discover Water under Mars’ Surface!

 Gigantic liquid water resources, abundant breathable air, and a fauna that has developed the most diverse branches over millions of years: For a long time, our Earth was considered unique in terms of these characteristics. In the meantime, however, we know that our earthly home is by no means the only cosmic water reservoir. 

Although the Earth still represents the galactic ultimate in terms of its enormous liquid water accumulations, this too could change in the course of future exploration missions. 

 In particular, the icy moons in the outer regions of the solar system are considered hot candidates when it comes to the question of huge subterranean oceans. The water resources in their different aggregate states on Mars are far less impressive. 

However, the latest findings of the experts now suggest the exciting conclusion that the Red Planet is in fact not as dry as its surface of iron oxide dust might suggest at first glance. What the researchers discovered in detail on our neighboring planet, and which other known celestial bodies are possibly full-grown water worlds, we’ll show you in the following video! 

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